Thursday, January 6, 2011

Schumacher, Arrrrgh!!$!#$Y%$Y^@!!

Well, I played this fellow Schumacher, and once again the lazy dog beat me.

You have to understand that this Schumacher guy is at heart a phenomenally lazy player, really fantastically lackadaisical, perfectly content to shoot whenever possible and avoid running around the court, which might somehow upset his delicate equilibrium. He’s well known for this tactic, and, unfortunately, he’s successful at it, a good A player.

When you play someone as lazy as Schumacher, you can’t help but be drawn into his game. I’m not playing my game out there, I’m suddenly shooting along with Schumacher, trying to out-shoot Schumacher, even trying to out-Schumacher Schumacher, and that takes me well out of my comfort zone and into his. Which explains why he does a lot of laughing on the court when we play.

Ha ha. Very funny.

Schumacher is a ridiculous player but I will eventually get him. I will. Schumacher, I hope you are reading this. Be forewarned. As soon as I smoke you on the court the whole world will know. Ha ha, now that's very funny!

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