Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Squash God, Hear My Plea ...

Oh squash god! Hear my plea!
Fix forthwith my bum right knee.
With much sacrosanct piety,
And corporeal anxiety.
My knee, o lord, and thanks from me.

Knee cartilage wears down with the years,
My stomach grows larger with the beers,
Yet I still must beat my squashist peers,
But my balky knee adds to my fears.
Please squash god!

I swear I’ll return once more to church,
No more leaving god in the lurch,
Hell, I’ll feed Him some rainbow perch,
I’ll even fund sacerdotal research!
But please, seriously squash god….

I don’t mean to bug, protest or prod,
But I need that speed, not be a clod.
Hammies are good, plus left and right quad,
It’s just the right knee that needs fixing god.

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