Monday, August 29, 2011


I've been playing strangely well lately. I've been thinking better and not rushing my shots. Not banging away as my default approach to the game, but really trying to think of every shot, even when under stress. 

I recently added a note on my smartphone, called Squash, Remember. I tried to write down all the things I should do but don't necessarily do regularly, so that right before I go out on court, I look at the note to remind my spongiform brain to keep these concepts actively in mind. I guess these reminders are working....

Here for your edification is my note to myself:

Remember to:

  1. move up
  2. volley
  3. keep him back
  4. watch
  5. even breathing
  6. hold your shot
  7. split step every time
  8. matches more often lost from mistakes than won from shot-making!

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