Sunday, February 26, 2012

PSA's Squash TV Is a Fantastic Accomplishment

I sat down with Alex Gough, the CEO of the Professional Squash Association, during the recent Tournament of Champions to interview him about the latest doings at the PSA, and also get from him his take on how Squash TV is faring. Alex was generous with his time and I came away very impressed with both him and his plans for the PSA.

The PSA is the face of men's pro squash on this planet. It is important for our sport that those at the PSA be innovative and responsive to their various constituents, and in my estimation they have been, and then some.

Without a doubt, the PSA's Squash TV is their greatest success story. Encumbered by a difficult financial climate -- to say the least -- they have nonetheless created a means through which squash fans the world over can see high-quality, crystal clear, riveting squash from the world's best, filmed by an excellent crew in locations all over the world, with interesting and informed commentary besides. It's a fantastic accomplishment. 

I was all set to sing Alex's and the PSA's praises when Kevin Klipstein, capo di tutti capo of US Squash, beat me to it. So instead of prattling on, click here and read his review of the PSA and Squash TV. I concur completely. 

And the best way for you the fan to support the PSA is to pay the very reasonable sum of $80 for an entire year of access. An entire year! It's time to join the 50,000 unique visitors to the site each month and watch the greatest squash players on earth -- and yeah, James Willstrop is right up there at the top of the list.

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