Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Chapter in 'The Club From Hell'

I've just contributed a chapter in The Club From Hell, a communal effort among some squash writers (or, writing squash players). You can check it out here on the DailySquashReport site.

Meanwhile, just yesterday I was playing a game, ran up to the front left corner to pick up a shot, which I easily got to, only to feel something go POP in my right knee. Not good...

I'm not hurt (much), not limping, no swelling, etc., so it seems relatively minor. But the POP thing was a new one for me, and unnerving. I have an appointment at the orthos next week, but until then, no squash for the Squashist. Merde.....


  1. I loved the "Call me crazy but..."

  2. Good news about my knee though. Went to the doc, he took an x-ray, felt around, and told me i have the knees "of a 30-year-old." No arthritis, ligaments are fine, no meniscal damage. The pop i experienced was probably my kneecap being a bit out of place and popping back in line. Nothing to worry about. Yeah!


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