Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Epic Failure at Norwegian Cruise Lines!

Sad to point out, everyone, but Norwegian Cruise Lines' boat, the Epic, has turned its once perfectly nice squash court into a storage bin for a bunch of fitness crap:

The Epic has succumbed to the all-too-frequent madness that fitness clubs fall prey to, and that's thinking that the more people they can stuff into a particular space the better off everyone is. There are a lot of reasons why this isn't true for fitness clubs -- here's one: squash members are a LOT more loyal to their squash club and will remain members for years if not decades, as opposed to flighty fitness seekers -- but some of these reasons should also hold true for a Cruise ship. If I were trying to design a top-notch cruising experience I would want to have in place some unusual treats for the cruising public, not what they have done here: provide bouncy balls you can get in your own home or the dirty smelly fitness club down the block. What is so special about this picture? Nothing! Remove all the crud and put two squash players in there -- now that's special. 

Therefore, those of you who are interested in cruise ships -- I am not one of them -- you may no longer ride the Norwegian Cruise Line until they fix this mess. Let's hope they do it right away. 

Also, just a note: I had provided two chapters to the Club From Hell, the world's greatest collaborative squash novel. That novel ended up being quite a good read, and it has just published its final chapter on Daily You can read the whole sordid tale right here.


  1. I urge all squash players to use all aspects of social media to get Norwegian to take the exercise equipment off the squash court on the Epic! Why isn't Norwegian advertising to squash community. Jay Prince, editor and publisher of Squash Magazine, have they ever advertised with you? I guess I don't understand why you would build a court on a cruise ship, and not market the court

  2. Agreed. So much is generic on these ships and squash is more than a workout, but a real sport/fun game.

  3. I agree. I'm a squash player and cruised on this ship without knowing this was here. When I initially walked into the gym, saw the court, then what they had done to it, it was incredibly bittersweet.

  4. The Epic has succumbed to the all-too-frequent madness that fitness clubs fall prey to, Cruise Secrets Exposed Review


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