Sunday, April 7, 2013

Squash Differentiators

I've noticed a few things about squash players that I wonder about. 

One is what players do with the squash racket in between games. A lot of players will leave their racket on the court as they go outside for a quick drink in between games. But quite a few will take the racket with them when they go get the drink or sit briefly down to regain their composure. In fact, the difference, as far as I can estimate, between these two camps is pretty much 50-50, although I think the percentage who leave the racket on the court is a bit higher. Personally, I leave the racket on the court, often dropping it unceremoniously at the moment the game has concluded and heading straight for the door. I don't know what this means: Are those who take their racket out with them more focused? Are those who leave the racket on court more driven? Not sure... I do know that if you watch matches on PSA TV you will discover many instances where one player leaves the racket, the other player doesn't, as if leaving two rackets on the court may initiate an unseemly squabble between the two rackets. Don't leave them alone, it might get ugly!

Another thing I've noticed is the headband-bandanna divide. Older players tend towards the headband, which explains why I wear one. Younger guys have gravitated towards the bandanna. There is definitely an age quotient in the calculus of whether or not to wear a bandanna. I have graciously accepted my elder status and am at peace with my headband. What I definitely am not at peace with is those occasional players who walk on the court with NEITHER a headband nor a bandanna. These people are one of two things: stupid, in that they apparently haven't thought ahead enough to realize it can get sweaty while playing squash, or extremely good, in that they are confident they will so quickly kick my ass that sweating will not be a part of their squash experience. 

I worry about those guys.... 

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