Thursday, October 10, 2013

Squashist Not Happy at All

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been having knee trouble, which was eventually diagnosed as a meniscal tear. I had tried to rehab for almost 10 months, but things didn't get better and in fact recently had gotten markedly worse. So I scheduled, and had two days ago, arthroscopic surgery to correct the tear and get me back on court again. 

Unfortunately, when they went into the knee to do the job they found not only the tear but also a hairline fracture, which certainly explains my problems rehabbing! I am now on crutches for two weeks, no weight-bearing, and hooked up to one of those icing machines. I've also discovered an appreciation for oxycodone. Mmmm.

But here's the problem. The doctor says I have to rehab with no court running for 3 months. I asked him, what about squash, can I play afterwards, and he said probably, but he indicated it might not be a very good thing for a knee that has had these injuries to go back and play a sport that can be so stressful on the knee. Tennis, he said, would be better. More straight-line running, less frantic re-direction and scrambling. 

Part of me thinks he is right. I don't want to go back and play a bit, only to reinjure it and make it worse. 

And part of me thinks he sucks.


  1. That really does suck. I'm new to squash, but I can't imagine ever having to stop. I love love love love it. Would spend the whole day playing if it weren't for other silly needs like eating, sleeping and working...

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