Saturday, October 3, 2009

Go Ask Urtak

Here's an amusing diversion for you. Go check this site out:

Urtak is a new site that presents what they term 'collaborative surveys,' where anyone who participates is allowed to ask a question. The site covers whatever in the world anyone wants to ask, but it is clear that the owners have a fondness for squash, since there are many squash-related questions.

There is an engaging mix of serious questions and some silly, often funny questions ("Do you ever dream of playing squash outdoors on a beautiful day?"). They are all of the yes-no variety, so you can bang through them quickly, yet the overall findings from these surveys are undeniably important. If you want to know how many players wear safety goggles on the court, Urtak can give you a decent approximation. If you want to know how many people think of themselves as sore losers, go ask Urtak. Obviously, the more responses the more accurate the findings.

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