Friday, October 9, 2009

An Old, Bad, Tortured Story

Today's the day when golf and rugby 7s have formally achieved member status into the Olympic club. An old, bad, tortured story for us in squash, now, of course, so sorry for bringing it up yet again.

I have to just mention that I was impressed with a CNN blog, written by Digital Sport Producer Paul Gittings, that called out the IOC for the money-grubbing fat-cat schmucks that they are. The blog, found here,, includes a nice shot of golfer John Daly smoking a cigarette. Now there's an athlete! 

Gittings reviews the other sports that had been up for inclusion and saves the best review for squash: "Most people believe that squash is already in the Olympics because it’s the sort of sport that should be, requiring immense skill, stamina and courage, played by some of the fittest sportsman in the world and in most countries in the world."

Thank you Mr. Gittings, and if by chance you are a squash player and based in New York, I would be happy to play a game--beer afterwards is on me!


  1. Might this be the same Paul Gittings who worked for the Eye Group, the media rights outfit that ran the British Open for three years and then went bankrupt? Remember the chaos, the unpaid bills and law suits?

  2. Dunno, but that's an interesting question....

  3. Actually there are some squash pros who smoke so I don't think it means too much.. I won't name any here, but there are a few.

  4. Truth is i used to smoke as well, and played squash regularly. However, i got smart and quit, and I think my cardiovascular health improved tremendously! That was about 20 years ago... I think any pro who smokes is not going to be able to hold their own against another pro who takes their fitness more seriously... But can you smoke and play squash? Yes, you definitely can. ***cough***


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