Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Mind Wanders ....

As I convalesce in my boot cast and time slowly plods along I am, quite frankly, getting crazier and crazier. I do not like sitting around on my butt, and look forward to that happy day when I can once again stroll onto a squash court, turn around and bang the door shut, and proceed to have a good honest all-out war with my opponent. I'm not sure how some people exist without squash or its athletic equivalent.... I swear I have gained about 7 pounds in the last week, if that's possible...

Anyway, this enforced hiatus has given me the opportunity to poke around on the internet, and I wanted to pass on some squash sites that I think are worth visiting. Here's what I have bookmarked in the squash category and sites I visit at least every few days (apologies to whomever I've forgotten): This is the squash site out of the UK, and has the best mix of news, stories, pics, etc. It's my first destination when clicking around. This site aggregates content from a lot of other sites, in addition to generating its own. It is particularly good about finding interesting tidbits from less-familiar sites and broadcasting them to its international audience. Definitely my second destination.

And below, a hodgepodge of sites, in no particular order: You can get news about pro tournaments on this site's news page. Likewise, the ladies.... Go now and buy one of their great WISPA calendars! Sweet! Great photos of recent squash tournaments can be found on this site, by pro photographer David Barry. He wouldn't mind at all if you were to purchase one or two... Likewise, check out, from Steve Line -- more great shots! And... Debra Tessier's This is US Squash's site. It used to be pretty dead, but USS is now providing updates at least every couple of days, and often every day. There is also a link that takes you to the very latest pro squash news. This is the Metropolitan Squash Racquets Association's blog, which I just discovered. The MSRA is New York City's local squash association, of which I am a member. It is a nicely active group with some great tournaments and a lot of players. The blog has stories of local interest, but also articles that would be interesting for squashistas the world over. This site is the web presence for 'Squash Player' magazine. The site is a visual riot and it is not easy to navigate around, but with luck you can still find some interesting things here. This is the polling site I have blogged about in the past. It's fun to go there from time to time and answer some questions, and even ask some you want answered. This is particularly valuable for getting very specific player information, including historic match summaries.

If you are interested in hardball doubles, check out And the women now have their own dubs site: Here you can get the official word from the official WSF website. Has a good Links list...

There are several blogs I've discovered that are worth following: The motto for this site is 'Get high playing squash!' and is from the Detroit Athletic Club's pro, Mick Joint. You get the impression that Mr. Joint is not afraid of having a good time. This site is about "Squash och ...bara squash, tror jag," which means it's about 'squash and only squash, i think..." Yes, it's in Swedish, so obviously not appropriate for everyone, but it is another example of an active site by an active pro who no doubt makes squash a lot of fun as well as a great sport. We need more like this! This is a blog from Cyrus Poncha, the well-known Indian player and coach. This site is from a graphic designer who takes a designer's eye to the game. This site is a group effort from several WISPA stars, headed by the great and all-powerful wonder-girl herself, Nicol David. Her fellow Stars are: Aisling Blake, Alana Miller, Annelize Naude, Manuela Manetta, and Semantha Teran -- good stuff! I only recently discovered this site. It's a professional looking site and worth watching. Another newer site that has some very good postings, check it out. This is a blog by local Memphian John Branston on all things athletic, but he has written about squash several times. You would think that Memphis would be a dead zone for squash, right? Think again... Don't forget to visit YouTube and check out the squash videos. Hisham Ashour has an interesting one in which he demonstrates the rare but wonderful Mizuki squash shot; you can access it from the Squash Guy's channel. This site is from a coach, who doubles as a father to a top junior 6.0 player, who triples as someone who studies ancient Greek poetry. Musings on squash and more from director of racket sports, Barry Gifford.

Well, that should keep you occupied. It did me, although I realize it's time for another hydrocodone! Hot damn!


  1. Very good list, thanks for including SquashZAG.

    Think you are missing some key ones:
    College Squash Association
    Telegraph Squash
    PSA Squash TV
    Squash Live
    Science of Coaching Squash
    The Squash Official
    PSA Live
    Total Squash
    Squash Game

    Oh heck ... just check out our links page

    Despite being a work in progress I think it's one of the best squash links pages out there : )

    Hmmm that should foster some reaction/action ... compare links pages currently at other squash sites

    Take care of the foot and resist urge to get back on court too soon.


  2. Our links page:

  3. Yes, i knew I forgot some and your list includes some I should have included. The College Squash Association has a very nice, active site, at The Telegraph site has some great stuff too, at PSA's Squash TV, still in beta but looking very promising, can be found here: And there is also the older site, here: A great coaching blog is here: You site the Squash Official, which is an interesting read and located here,, but is not regularly updated, so didn't make my list for that reason. However, on occasion, definitely worth looking at. I haven't really checked out Total Squash yet, but will; it's here: Likewise Squash Game, at Not a fan of SquashTalk so no longer on my bookmarked list.

  4. Thanks for also including the MSRA site!


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