Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Ten Commandments of Squash

I have been away awhile, having vacationed down south in North Carolina. There's not a ton of squash down there, but there is a ton of religion. With that in mind, I was inspired to ascend the mountaintop and bring back the following list of musts for our international brotherhood of squash. Hark thee then:

  1. Always wear non-marking soles!
  2. Don't hog the hits in the warm-up!
  3. Try to play at your level 70% of the time; a notch below your level, in order to help out your brothers and sisters in squash, 15% of the time; and a notch above your level, in order to receive that help, 15% of the time!
  4. Never show anger on the court; if you do, apologize immediately!
  5. Always wear protective eyewear!
  6. Socialize a bit before or after the match; don't become so focused by sport that you lose your humanity!
  7. Play continuously; don't try to delay the next point by artificial means!
  8. Always shake hands after the match; emerge from the court not as bitter rivals but as friendly adversaries!
  9. Never forget that you are an ambassador for the sport!

and finally:

    10. Never shoot blind!


  1. Nice! Posted on

  2. I received a comment to my email from Guy Cipriano that suggests a few additional Commandments. All are good, but I particularly like the first one, since I have certainly experienced playing a match with a smelly opponent, and it's not terribly enjoyable:

    Always wear clean clothing!

    Always bring a spare bat with you in case you break a string or crack your frame!

    Always do your best and don’t make excuses!

    Never gloat or behave in a smug way if you win

    Always get to the court 10 minutes early so you can warm up and stretch!

    Always treat the referee with respect!

  3. Mycket bra skrivet!

    God fortsättning på det nya året!

  4. Tack så mycket! Jag gillar din hemsida, hjälper det mig att öva min svenska! Jag höppas att resa Stockholm på 2011....

  5. Trevligt.

    Hör av dig då så ordnar vi en match.


  6. Nice blog! I just found it with the help of

    I like the commandments. I follow them all except number four and five. I do get upset (but never at my opponent or the referee, just at myself) and I don't wear protective eyewear.

  7. call "strokes" against yourself. gatorade and bananas in humid weather.

  8. Calling strokes against yourself should definitely be one of the Commandments, I agree. Also, as noted elsewhere, a few beers after the match should be sanctified as well....

  9. Always take your turn calling the score, don't just let your opponent do it all.


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