Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smart Move

The Pro Squash Tour, Joe McManus' let-shunning sports creation, has just made a very smart move, decreeing that as of the new year all players must wear eye protection.

It's been worrying me that in a no-let tournament players will be more likely to accidentally hit unprotected eyes as they scramble to get around the other player. I felt there was an accident out there waiting to happen.

It turns out McManus must have been thinking the same thing. And now he's fixed the problem. Players will probably whine a bit, but after awhile it will become part of the deal: If you want to play PST, you have to don the glasses. Easily enough done.....


  1. Makes me wonder if this just a band-aid solution (excuse the pun) to the decision to forgo lets altogether?

  2. Dear Pacey,
    Thank you for your post. I would have made this decision if we used the traditional rules as well.

    'No let' squash is much more entertaining and our players are enjoying the matches. Going back to the old style of play is no longer a consideration for us.

    Joe McManus
    Pro Squash Tour


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