Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Future of Squash Is Egyptian, Yes?

Egyptians have just won 7 of 8 titles at the British Junior Open. A great achievement, with a clean sweep for the country denied only by one determined Pakistani, who won the boys 15 and under.

Above, Marwan El Shorbagy lets out a roar after winning the boys 19 and under, and you can bet he will make his presence felt on the pro tour soon. 

But I worry for Egyptian squash. There is already news that squash is not receiving the political support needed to keep funding at recent levels, and we are increasingly seeing great Egyptian squash players opt for other locales -- often, the US -- as they segue into teaching pros. 

That's great for US squash, but I would hate to see Eqyptian squash whither away from political disinterest. Egypt is too important as a squash nation, and their players are too great, to welcome something like that. Squash needs Egypt. 

But at this juncture, will Egypt be able to win a similar number of championships at next years BJO? I think squash pundits would have to say, 'No, quite possibly not.'

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