Monday, January 2, 2012

Blogs Redux

Rather amazingly I realize I have been doing this blog for 2 and a half years now. Sometimes the pathetic roll of the blogger is to publish a post and watch it head off into the blogosphere, never knowing for sure what fate will befall it, like a parent watching his child go off to college...

I've had a couple of strange experiences. On two blogs I mentioned Tiger Woods unflatteringly. The first time I did that lo and behold the very next day I got a reader for the first time in the town in Florida where he lives. Hmmmm. 

Amazingly enough, I also mentioned the pope one time and, believe it or not, Rome lit up on my map of hits the next day. I envisioned the pope, sitting in his jewel-encrusted personal library, silently damning me to hell.... Perhaps the single posting that was read in more strange places than any was a Wikileaks parody I did. That post was read in some very dicey areas all over the world, including unruly regions of Africa and 'the Stans.' 

Of course I've had my share of dud postings, but I thought I'd take a look back and revisit a few posts that I was rather fond of. Take a look; you be the judge:

Here's a review of loud grunting on tennis and squash courts.
How top athletes can remain very calm and hyperfocused at the same time.
Here are 27 great squash tips from the Khan dynasty.
I've always maintained goggles should be a must in squash.
Here I announce my love for Nicol David, a squash goddess.
A friend nearly loses it, but squash is his lifeline.
Two blogs reviewing squash injuries (part I and part II).
Here I review the 10 Commandments of squash.
Stretching before a match? Probably not a good idea...
Perhaps my personal all-time favorite: motor disinhibition in top athletes.
Does sex affect your squash game?
Here I try my hand at poetry. And then I try it again here....
I used to slice my feet with razors to reduce blistering. No, really....
All about how intense exercise can make you sick.
All about hardball doubles, from a master.
An interview with the Pro Squash Tour's McManus.
US Squash innovates again...
Here I recount a weird night out in superbia. Oh, I mean suburbia...
My personal list of things to remember when playing our game.
And finally, all about my birthday: September 11...

I hope you've enjoyed some of these. All you squashists out there, thanks for tuning in!

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