Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sakhi Khan Lays It All Out For You

I have yet to come across a better overall summary of things to think and work on to improve your squash game than the 27 tips found here:

The Squash Site

This is a great page to bookmark. The tips were penned by Sakhi Khan, head coach at Colby College, of the sainted Khan squash dynasty, now in its fourth generation. I refer to this list regularly, sometimes ruefully wondering why on earth I don’t do this tactic better, and sometimes just to remind myself of the tactics enumerated so I can go out and practice them next time I’m on court.

If you are a new player, the list will seem a bit overwhelming, but get a good pro to give you some lessons and keep plugging away at it. If you are an experienced player, some of the tips will seem too easy, but no matter what your skill some of the tips should be reviewed again and again. For instance, Khan’s discussion of the drop shot is worth a re-look from time to time. Like right now.

If you are a squash player and can execute these tactics and learn these tips, then you got game. This is your bible...

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  1. I would add "read the rules of interference" as a tip to improvement. The number of players who don't read or know the rules of the game is staggering. They can ruin a match by not understanding that they must make every effort to give their opponents one of the four freedoms (fair view, reasonable swing, direct access to ball and shot to front wall) and then arguing with their opponents about the interference. Sometimes top intercollegiate and league players and pros don't know the rules. A player who knows the rules can save or win points by preventing an opponent who doesn't know them from cheating involuntarily. And he or she can become a better referee in scrappy matches involving players who don't know the rules =O)


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