Friday, September 11, 2009

Flip It, and Flip It Good

I apologize, but I have to bring up the Olympics debacle one more time. I have one of those Squash 2016 shirts with the snappy logo, the one that squash lovers all over the world, on 5 continents and in more than 175 countries, bought and wore to support the cause.

But it’s as worthless as yesterday’s newspaper now. Turns out squash wasn’t international enough, I guess.…

So what to do?

Oh, I know…. If I flip the numbers, it reads Squash 9102.

They say fashion comes in waves, returning in cycles over and over again. So I’ll hold onto the shirt, flip the numbers, and wait till 9102. I can guarantee we’ll be in by then, or I’ll give you all your money back.


  1. The squash community might want to flip the whole Olympics thing in one other way, too. We've been playing nice with the Olympic organizations for a bit too long. Just as it takes both offense and defense to win a squash match, and just as a drop shot works best when contrasted with good length, might we now begin our attack?
    There have been two remarkable demonstrations by the Olympic Committees that their vaunted ideals are nothing but sham, and that they respond solely to money. Given that the Olympics have lost their ability to uphold their ideals, why would anyone watch the Olympics? Why would a boycott not be in order?
    Surely there must be squash players in leadership positions at companies that financially support the Olympics. Let's play a bit of offense.

  2. I like the way you think, Anonymous. I am personally disgusted with the IOC, and can guarantee I will not be watching anywhere near as much as I might normally (I probably won't be able to tear myself away from a few events, however.). I'd definitely like to see some squashophilic CEOs throw their weight around on this issue, and I'd also like to see those same CEOs more actively back the sport. I'll do a blog later (when I get the facts together) on the demographics of the sport in the US (which are probably mirrored elsewhere), but the fact that major consumer companies aren't going after the squash player is hard to fathom.


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