Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OMG, Don’t Send Your Kids To School Today!!!

Today is the day when US President Barack Obama is set to address the nation’s kids on the importance of individual effort and personal responsibility. He is also going to indoctrinate as many of these precious youngsters as he can into the evil ways of socialism!

And with that line of thinking, some hard-right parents have vowed to leave their kids at home today to avoid this unprecedented assault.

There are stupid people all over, on the right and on the left, in rural chicken-shack towns and glass-and-steel mega-cities. It’s all in the genes, not the demographics, and not which side of the political spectrum you inhabit.

This story is inane, but so much of today’s politics is inane that one can get depressed mighty quickly if one thinks too much about it. Maybe today’s misguided parents, busy conjuring up phantoms in the shadows where none exist, ought to go out and have a good whack at a squash ball. The endorphins that result from physical activity (as well as heightened arousal and pain) might improve their mood. The effect from endorphins is similar to that of an opiate, and includes analgesia and a light-hearted bonhomie that seems in short supply lately.

I like people who think, not those who set off clucking just because the big chicken seems to think that a particular grain of sand is worth clucking over. Squash is a mind game, so maybe they should get out there and work their minds as they are bathing in endorphins – it’s a win-win!

Grow up, you cluckers!

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