Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nicol David, Squash Goddess

I don't think anyone in the entire world dislikes Nicol David, Malaysian squash goddess, who is currently celebrating her 40th month perched atop the women's rankings. How could anyone not love this person??! 

In addition to being one of the all-time great players of the game, she is a relentlessly positive ambassador for squash and by all accounts a terrific person with a stellar personality. 

She proved yet again how great she is during the semifinals of the recent Carol Weymuller US Open in Brooklyn, NY. Jenny Duncalf, who has been on a tear lately and would eventually go on to win the tournament (she also recently won the Soho Squash tournament in Egypt), beat Nicol in 3 games (6, 4, 3), a shock to all in attendance -- no doubt including Duncalf herself.

But true to her natural disposition, Nicol was gracious in defeat. She didn't complain of an injury or a mental lapse or bad officiating, she just praised her opponent: "She didn't let up an inch, and I just had to try and do something, and she just kept on going and went right through!"

She's a champion, a beautiful champion, inside and out.


  1. Her humble personality is what the squash fraternity should be proud of. Go Nicol!


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