Sunday, November 15, 2009

SquashZAG Up and Zagging

Hatched in the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver, is now out of beta testing and attracting readers the world over. Indeed, according to SquashZAG's founder, Shawn Patton, the site already boasts viewers from 87 different countries, so the site is truly international.

The idea behind SquashZAG is to present an active website with news, opinions, blogs, a monthly squash magazine, and Facebook-like messaging capabilities all at one super-destination. The site aggregates content from other sources as well as presents its own, and in that spirit it has rebroadcast some of The Squashist's writings about 'la vie en squash.'

There are several very interesting things about the site. One is the variety of opinions you can find there on anything to do with squash, and another is the variety of sources of squash content on the SquashZAG site. As with most open democracies, opinions are sacred on the site; if you feel it then you are free to express it. Patton himself is known to be a bit of an activist when it comes to wanting to reform aspects of the game; injustices that he feels exist in the professional game are for him large pebbles in his squash sneakers that demand correction. But he has also told me that this is neither the point of the site nor will it be a major part of it.

Another praiseworthy aspect of the site is ZAGMAG, a monthly squash magazine that debuted just this month: see ZAGMAG. The magazine boasts editorial from squashinistas the world over as well as stellar graphics, which are the brainchild of Patton's partner in this venture, Erik Zaremba.

And SquashZAG also has the best compilation of videos on squash I've yet come across: check out SquashZAG Videos. You can spend quite a bit of time viewing these videos, reading the magazine and searching SquashZAG Articles for material that interests you.

In just a few months SquashZAG has become a welcome addition to the world of squash. Bookmark it, and zag on.

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